Trident Industri AB was formed in 1983 with the aim of creating improved accessibility for people with some form of functional limitation. Today Trident primarily produces ramps for housing adaptations in Sweden, as well as ramps for export. Items produced in-house constitute the majority of sales. Trident also sells cycles, platform lifts and various types of bathroom equipment. Trident also works within these product areas as the principal for a number of strong brands, which gives our customers a broad range of products to choose from. The company’s customers are largely from municipalities and county councils, but also from the construction industry. Trident’s largest market is in Sweden. Exports have historically grown year on year and go primarily to Finland, Norway, Denmark, the UK, France and the Benelux countries. Trident’s aim is to have the best products on the market within its sphere of operations. During 2016 the company had sales of around MSEK 57.9 and had an operating profit (EBITDA) of around MSEK 8.2.

Trident is a complete supplier of ramps for all level differences. This subsidiary manufactures various types of disability ramps, including threshold ramps, wheelchair ramps and access ramps. In Sweden Trident has supplied its own EU ramps to most of the country’s municipalities. Thanks to Trident’s flexible modular system, both project planning and installation of ramps are quick and easy.

Stairs and lifts
Trident offers a large number of accessibility options for both private and public environments. Trident sells, among other products, a unit combining a platform lift and stairs, called FlexStep, which makes things easier for disabled people. FlexStep is CE-marked.

Trident sells selected quality products to meet users’ needs for a comfortable and functional bathroom. These products make everyday use of the bathroom easier. The range includes toilets, showers, cabinets, mirrors, toilet armrests and grab bars.

Mobility aids
Trident sells special cycles. These special cycles come from selected manufacturers across Europe. This subsidiary also sells the electric wheelchair “Pendel”, which integrates directly with the manual wheelchair. So no transfer is needed between the wheelchairs.

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Kom i Kapp AB is a company within the accessibility sector. The company works with products and services that improve participation and quality of life for people with special needs, as well as their relatives or carers. The company has a nationwide presence in Sweden, but its market also extends to the rest of Scandinavia and across Europe. Komikapp aims to be a trailblazing social force that makes a difference and brings quality of life to individuals. The company sells products within the fields of sensory stimulation products and cognitive aids.
During 2016 Komikapp had sales of around MSEK 36.1 and had an operating profit (EBITDA) of around MSEK 5.4.

Sensory stimulation aids
Sensory stimulation aids allow individuals to cope with a day at school or at work, or a day at home, without being overwhelmed by cognitive difficulties. One important sense for humans is the sense of touch. Monotonous and continuous touch means that there is less of an impression on the brain and the touch is not registered. Komikapp sells aids such as ball pools, ball blankets and ball cushions to stimulate and calm the body. Ball blankets and cushions are used, for example, in connection with diagnoses such as ADHD, hyperactivity, sleeping problems, dementia and depression.

Sensory rooms
Sensory stimulation aids are a growing area. Komikapp works on sensory stimulation by means of sensory rooms in, for example, preschools, schools and elderly care and on psychiatric wards. The purpose of a sensory room is to offer patients or pupils a space to relax and to minimise stress. Together with the client, Komikapp constructs a sensory room that is fully adapted to the user of the room.

Sensory furniture
Komikapp also sells furniture that stimulates tranquillity. Examples of these products are waterbeds, musical furniture, podiums, mattresses and mirrors, as well as interactive floors and bubble tubes.

Vestibular products
The vestibular system, which is in the inner ear, is important not just for balance and coordination but also because the whole body’s sensations pass through the vestibular system on their way to the brain. Komikapp sells various products that help people with special needs to get a grip on their own body movements. Examples of these products are various types of swings, hammocks and little sledges.

Motor activity
Komikapp sells products that help people with coordination difficulties to exercise their coordination abilities. This subsidiary sells products for both gross and fine motor functions. These products could be, for example, activity boards, puzzles, scaffolding or ADL aids for dressing and undressing.

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The Norwegian company Amajo AS was established a little over 30 years ago. Their vision is to meet the challenges of sensory stimulation aids and lead development on a pan-Nordic basis. The company has solid competence and has ambitions to be a knowledge leader, serving as a guide for users, an adviser for the care services, and an opinion former for decision makers.

The company’s primary activity is to plan, construct and adapt sensory rooms for various uses, e.g. stimulation, relaxation, learning and interaction. They also sell products for activity and stimulation. Their target groups are both children and adults with, among other things, functional limitations, dementia and mental disability.

Amajo also offers a number of courses for users and training for professionals in how to use the various aids.

Sensory rooms
Amajo has extensive expertise and long experience in developing, planning and constructing sensory rooms. It is a tailored environment that makes it easier to adapt and sort the sensory impressions that you want to give users through, for example, music, sounds, light effects, fibre optics, vibrations and taste/smell stimuli.

The sensory room can be adapted to create an environment in which sensory impressions can be received in peace and quiet, or, for a more specific impact, with light, for example, which can be controlled in various ways. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can also change colours and thus the atmosphere. An active room with control options can be a good learning arena for those with various mental disabilities, or for contact and interaction.

Sensory stimulation aids
Amajo offers a broad range of sensory stimulation aids that help people with various needs to cope with their daily challenges at school, at work, and in their leisure activities. These aids help to sharpen and stimulate the senses, but also to calm them, which has been documented as having a very positive effect on such things as ADHD and Tourettes diagnoses, as well as on sleeping difficulties, anxiety, dementia and mental illness.

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Erimed International KB is a Swedish company in the accessibility sector that was established in 1980 by Rune Persson, who at that point had a 20-year career in the accessibility aids industry under his belt. Today the company is run by his sons.

Erimed has grown steadily over the years and is today one of the leading suppliers of orthopaedic products in the Nordic region, with a broad and competitive range.

Orthopaedic shoes
Erimed offers a broad range of orthopaedic shoes for children and adults, including people with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, and accessories such as materials and inserts for shoes. These products are of high quality and are purchased mainly from Europe, the USA and Canada.

Orthotics are aids to relieve pain, make walking easier or correct position by means of mechanical pressure on a body part, e.g. knee or foot. Erimed has a large range of both hard and soft orthotics for e.g. fractures, joints and cruciate ligament injuries as well as corsets and support bandages.

Dictus Band
The Dictus Band is an orthopaedic aid for easier walking and is a unique new aid for foot drop. The Dictus Band operates in an upward movement when the foot is lifted, which largely reduces the risk of stumbling against everyday obstacles such as thresholds, rugs and pavements.

Prosthetics and prosthetic components
Erimed has a large range of prosthetics for feet, knees and hips, etc., including accessories such as liner sleeves, adapters and locks.

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Huka B.V.

Huka is a Dutch company based in Oldenzaal that develops and manufactures special vehicles such as special bikes, mobility scooters, and a wheelchair scooter. Huka’s concept centres around solutions for mobility, rather than solutions for people with various levels of functional ability.

The company has more than 40 years of experience in its field, with distributors in the US, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and Germany, among others. Huka is expected to have generated sales of approximately EUR 5.2 million in 2017, with an operating profit (EBITDA) of approximately EUR 485 thousand.

Independent cycling
Huka develops and manufactures three-wheel bikes that improve mobility for both children and adults. The bikes come in several models for both urban environments and areas off the beaten track. Most can be fitted with an optional electric motor. Stylish design combined with high quality are key to their success, while their low centre of gravity makes them extremely stable. Huka has also The Trike, a unique bike with two front wheels that help to make steering a doddle!

Supervised cycling
Huka offers a number of bikes made for two people, either for an adult companion or for children. Our range of models includes everything from social two-seater bikes where the riders sit next to one another, to more traditional tandem bikes with both two and three wheels. Huka also has combined wheelchairs and bikes for children and adults.

Mobility scooters
Huka’s mobility scooters suit all needs and are perfect for use in urban environments, shopping centres, or even off the beaten track in more rugged terrain. They have high capacity, powerful motors, and can handle loads of up to 300 kg.

Wheelchair scooter
The Pendel is a unique electric scooter made for wheelchairs. Without any help, the wheelchair user can drive up onto it and get underway. The scooter has a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of 60 km, making it fast and efficient. The Pendel is a convenient alternative to a taxi or other transport and increases the user’s freedom as it can be used without any assistance.

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