Board of directors

Hans Andersson

Hans Andersson

Chariman of the Board

Chairman of the Board since 2020. MSc Business and Economics from Lund University.

Product- and Market Manager Lion Ferry AB

Regional Director South Sweden, Tjäreborg Resor AB

Area Manager Scandinavia, Van Houten/Gunhager AB

Managing Director DFDS SEAWAYS GMBH (DFDS Tyska Dotterbolag)

Managing Director Subsidiary company in Sweden, Germany and Japan, H&M Hennes & Mauritz.
Start Up- & Country Manager in Poland, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, H&M Hennes & Mauritz.

2019 –
Senior Advisor & Board member, H&M Hennes & Mauritz PTY LTD

Number of shares: 2 395 032
Dependent in relation to the company, its management and the company’s major shareholders.

Charlotte Stjerngren

Charlotte Stjerngren

Board member

Charlotte Stjerngren, born 1976, is a partner and advisor in investor relations at Cord Communications.

Charlotte has extensive experience as a financial journalist, most recently as editor-in-chief and responsible publisher for Ekonomikanalen EFN. She also has more than ten years of experience as a financial analyst at the investment bank Carnegie.

Charlotte has a Master’s degree in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Law degree from Stockholm University.

Sofie Redzematovic

Sofie Redzematovic

Board member

Sofie Redzematovic (born 1982) is a business developer, marketing strategist and project manager with a special focus on technology, research and senior target groups.

Sofie is active as a business developer and board member of the Heart-Lung Foundation. She has previously worked with marketing, target group analysis and customer loyalty at Heart-Lung Foundation and FastTV AB.

Sofie Redzematovic holds a Bachelor’s degree in international project management and language from the University of Skövde and is certified in agile software development.

Hugo Petit

Hugo Petit

Board member

Hugo Petit, born in 1970 in the Netherlands, has over 15 years of experience in various CFO roles in small and medium-sized companies in both listed and unlisted companies. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co and worked as a professional officer in the Dutch defense, where he served in the former Yugoslavia. In his roles as CFO, Hugo has been close to business and has, among other things, experience of building high-quality and efficient organizations. In that work, he has focused a lot on “empowerment” of staff.

Hugo is currently CFO at Renewcell AB and Board member of Petit Consulting AB.


Marianne Sernevi

Marianne Sernevi


Marianne Sernevi (born 1967) is CEO of AdderaCare since September 2019. Sernevi has a M.Sc in Civil engineering from LTH, and several years of experience as CEO in a variety of companies such as Skånska Energi, Cetec Electric and AudioDev.

Business Area Sales Manager, Foss Analytical AB

CEO, Marketing- and Sales Manager, AudioDev AB

CEO, AudioDev AB and AudioDev Sweden AB

CEO, Cetec Electric AB

Marketing and Sales Director, Mectec Electronik AB

CEO, Skånska Energi AB

Chairman of the Board, Comsys AB

CEO, AdderaCare AB

Number of shares: 19 019.

Henrik Carlsson

Henrik Carlsson


Henrik Carlsson (born 1966) has been CFO at AdderaCare since 2016. Carlsson holds an MSc in Business and Economics from the University of Växjö, now Linnaeus University. After four years as an auditor with PWC, Carlsson has more than 20 years’ experience in leading positions within different sectors. This includes the position of Finance Manager/Head of Finance between 1994 and 2010 at Weight Watchers Sweden ViktVäktarna AB, with a focus on the Swedish and Nordic markets. Carlsson has also been CFO at the property company Dagon AB and CFO at Malmö FF.

Auditor Öhrlings PWC

Finance Manager Weight Watchers Sweden ViktVäktarna AB

Financial Manager Pärsons Sverige AB

Head of Finance/Finance Manager Weight Watchers Sweden ViktVäktarna AB

CFO Dagon AB

CFO Malmö FF

CFO AdderaCare AB

Number of shares: 62 875.

Articles of Association

AdderaCare’s Articles of Association are available to read in PDF format below (in Swedish):

AdderaCare bolagsordning pdf

General Annual Meeting

AdderaCare AB (publ), 556936-0752 General Annual Meeting will take place on May 30 2022 through advance voting (postal voting).

Documents (in Swedish)

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