An ageing population

Demographic data speaks for itself. More of us are living a longer life, which means that the need for the best possible mobility aids will increase.

Focus on mobility aids in the home

The right aids mean that the elderly and the disabled can to a greater extent live in their own homes, which increases well-being and is economically efficient for the state, municipalities and regions.

Learning on equal terms

All children and young people should have the right to reach as far as possible in their knowledge development, based on their own conditions. The right cognitive and physical aids can make all the difference.

About AdderaCare

AdderaCare is a corporate group operating in the assistive technology sector. The group consists of the parent company AdderaCare AB and the six subsidiaries Trident Industri AB, Kom i Kapp AB, Erimedgruppen (Erimed Förvaltning AB, Rojan & Ripe AB and Erimed International KB) and Huka B.V. Through its subsidiaries, AdderaCare sells to municipalities, regions and individuals.

Our ambition is that our companies will grow faster than the market while maintaining profitability. We will achieve this by investing in decentralization, entrepreneurship and profitable growth in the companies we acquire.

Our companies


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