An ageing population

Demographic data speaks for itself. More and more of us are living longer, which means that care needs will grow.

Focus on care in the home

Home-based care is economical, which creates an incentive for the state, municipalities and county councils to increase the proportion of those cared for at home.

Demanded by many

Being cared for at home is also desirable for the individual, as it increases wellbeing and quality of life. Quite simply, we feel better at home.

About AdderaCare

AdderaCare is a corporate group within the accessibility and home care sector that actively works to acquire companies with products that help people develop, feel better, and more easily manage their day-to-day lives.

Our companies will grow faster than the market while maintaining profitability. This is something we achieve by focusing on decentralisation, entrepreneurship and profitable growth in the companies we acquire.

Our companies


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