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Share and ownership information

AdderaCare AB (publ) shares are traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The share name is abbreviated to ADDERA and the ISIN code is SE0009160922. The first trading day was 1 December 2016.

List of shareholdings and shareholders as of 30-09-2019:

NameNumber of sharesShare of votes and capital
Bengt Ohlsson through company**2 038 97311,02 %
Hans Andersson through company and private*******1 688 8429,13 %
Ampere i Malmö AB*1 676 2509,06 %
Jan Kvarnström*****1 676 2509,06 %
Sannaskogen AB***1 665 6429,00 %
BAS Beheer BV******1 388 9547,51 %
KAA Fastighet AB****980 3255,30 %
Other7 387 86139,93 %
Total18 503 097100,00 %

* Chairman of the Board Per Nilsson owns 50% of Ampere AB. The remaining 50% is owned by related parties.
** Bengt Olsson owns 100% of Prosus Capital AB and 100 % of Prosus AB. Olsson was a board member of the parent company up to and including 28-09-2016.
*** Bo Thorvinger owns 100% of Sannaskogen AB. Thorvinger was a board member of the parent company up to and including 28-09-2016.
**** KAA Fastighet AB is 50% owned by Arne Andersson, former owner of Trident Industri AB, and 50% by Alexander Anvedahl.
***** Jan Kvarnström was a board member of the parent company up to and including 23-05-2019.
****** Bas Kamp owns 100 % of BAS Beheer BV, former owner of Huka BV.
******* Hans Andersson is a board member of AdderaCare AB.


For transactions carried out by persons in leading positions within AdderaCare AB, see:

Presentations and presentation materials

CEO Michael Hermansson gave a presentation about AdderaCare at Aktiedagen in Jönköping (March 2019).

CEO Michael Hermansson gave a presentation about AdderaCare at Stora Aktiedagen in Stockholm (November 2018).

CEO Michael Hermansson on the finances, listing and acquisition strategy going forward.

CEO Michael Hermansson and Chairman of the Board Per Nilsson on AdderaCare.

Investment strategy & Financial goals

Investment strategy

We buy profitable, well-run companies that after the acquisition are allowed to continue operating as before and to keep their names, their culture and their management. Our well-thought-out and tried-and-tested process provides the acquisition procedure with structure and guarantees quality in the acquisitions that are made.

Our seven criteria for acquisition:

  • Positive cash flow
  • Profitable (operating profit EBITDA)
  • Majority of sales from own products/service
  • Most sales within the home care/accessibility aids sector
  • Company located in Nordic region
  • Seller prepared to sell the majority of the company
  • Not active within assistance

Financial goals

AdderaCare’s long-term goal is to create a corporate group that is financially profitable and demonstrates organic growth that is faster than that of the market.

AdderaCare’s goals:

  • During the build-up phase, to have sales growth of 30-50%
  • Profit margin above 10% over one economic cycle
  • Indebtedness must not be more than three times the operating profit (EBITDA)
  • Equity/assets ratio over 35%
  • Undertake a list change to Nasdaq Nordic Small Cap 2019-2020

Financial calendar


27 february 
Q4 and Year-end Report 2016

16 May  
Q1 2017
Annual General Meeting 2016

16 August     
Q2 2017

16 November
Q3 2017

18 December
Extraordinary General Meeting


27 February  
Year-end Report

16 May  
Interim Report Q1, 2018

23 May  
Annual General Meeting

15 August  
Half-yearly Report

21 November  

Articles of Association

AdderaCare’s Articles of Association are available to read in PDF format below (in Swedish):

AdderaCare bolagsordning pdf

Auditor & Certified Adviser (CA)



David Olow

Certified Adviser (CA)

Svensk Kapitalmarknadsgranskning AB
Phone: +46 11 32 30 732